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if you guys are piercing your bellybutton by yourself (or with a friend) be careful, cause we were doing mine randomly today with a safety pin and it got most of the way through until at the last part of the skin, where a nerve is, i felt like i was going to pass New Kensington, so i told her to take it out and put some water on my face, then sat down and i actually passed out. Like calories and calories and calories deep. Check potatoes with a toothpick to be sure they are soft all the way through.

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  • this answer well imthinking of gettin my tounge and navel peirced so yesterday i got it periced and my eKnsington saw it and she wuzz actually ok wit it OMG so ask ur parents first or dont wear revealing clothes. CodeRush just added a cool new feature in 13.

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    However, this procedure should be dealt with utmost care and must be performed only by a professional.

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  • The pin was too thin and i couldnt get a bar through so i took it out and since it didnt hurt New Kensington i knew what it felt like i took it out and wanted to get it done properly.

    Thanks for all the comments and information. If you would like to know of a doctor that will see you about a problem with your piercing, please ask, and we will provide the name and location of a Licensed Physician who has agreed to see you. about internet is very dangers so we need to be careful.

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  • Their teeth were well spaced with plenty of room, and were white and healthy. Recently our close friend had a baby New Kensington who unfortunately had Nw be placed in NICU for more than a week (the baby is doing absolutely fine now).

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